M!A List~

Follow: Mun must follow around muse for the next 24 hours 

Switch: Mun is muse for the next 4 hours

Storm: Muse is struck by lighting and now thinks (anon specifies who) is their  (anon decides the relation)

Asylum: Muse has multiple personality disorder for (anon decides)

Innocence:  Muse is in a childlike state for the next 12 hours

Law: Muse breaks a law and is stuck in jail for (anon decides)

Santa: Muse believes Santa is real and they’re one of the elves

Drunk: Muse gets drunk and tells the truth all day

Death: Muse believes they’re dying and they can’t be saved by anyone or anything

Childhood: Muse is transported back to their childlike self. She has no memories of her life as it now just whatever age she’s transported back to (can be early teens or little kid state Mun decides)

Repeat: Muse has to keep reliving a past memory as if it’s happening again for (anon decides)

Sadist: Muse has the desire to hurt and torture people and will only feel satisfaction until she does it

Lucid: Muse thinks their in a dream whenever their awake for the next 2 days

Ghost: Muse is followed by the ghost of someone they knew

Corrupted: Muse is easily persuaded into doing things for the next 4 hours

Undeniable: The first person who goes in your ask box is your master for the next 2 days

Haunted:  Muse is stuck with the voices of everyone they’ve ever hurt going on in their head for the next 4 hours

Neverland: For the next 24 hours you believe everything around you is Neverland and the only way you can stay is by stealing Tinkerbell’s fairy dust.

Mad as a Hatter: Muse is going insane and thinks that the Queen of Hearts is after them

Fatal Attraction: You’ve been cursed with the deadly kiss,you’ll die unless you’re one true love kisses your lips catch is, if they’re not ,your true love they’ll be passed on the curse of the deadly kiss

Disney: Muse thinks they’re a Disney character for the next 2 hours  (Mun decides which)

Frustration: Muse thinks they can’t do anything right and everything they try at anything it falls apart. Every time someone says it’s okay or sorry to them they start to cry of frustration. 

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